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I haven't written anything in a while as I have been so busy with rehearsals for Zorro.
The start of 2020 was looking so bright. Good headspace, auditions going well, small offers coming in. After a rather stagnant 2019, I had promised myself to see the silver lining in any situation, so here goes this blog.

Let's look at what good can come out of this situation and what kind of insane conspiracy theories are coming out that have really tickled me. It's time to come together and laugh in this time of living in limbo.

Ok, good things that have come out of this crazy pandemic. 
I have seen a lot of kindness. Lot's of money for charity being raised, lot's of people reaching out to help others in need. Girls I went to secondary school with set up a facebook group for all people in NW London to help the elderly and those who can't help themselves at this scary time. It is sad that it takes a pandemic to see the beauty of human kindness, but at least it has given us all an opportunity to see that it really does exist.

OK, now for some giggles, some crazy conspiracies that I've heard.
1) China is over populated, so they wanted to kill off their ageing population. 
(People be CRAZY)
2) Greta Thunberg created Coronavirus in order to repair the O-Zone layer and reduce peoples carbon footprint. I mean, the girl is fierce and an inspiration, but if she has come up with this, I'm not sure if she should win a Nobel Prize or be hung drawn and quartered. 
(I would like to add, this is not my view, just some ridiculous things I have heard).
3) A Vegan mafia have come together to show us how eating unclean and dirty meat can destroy the world. (They aren't wrong in this instance, but, I'm not sure the world population of vegans wanted to create a global meltdown, if they don't want to kill animals, I'm pretty certain they don't want to kill people).

We can make light of situations, but it is also a hard and scary time. I personally hadn't done 8 shows a week for 18 months. Zorro had made me love my job again. It brought an incredible group of people together, who are talented and lovely in equal measure. We all got on so well. Endless laughter and fun. Although the show had to close, I will treasure the 6 weeks that we had working on it. I am also hopeful that the show will return. We worked too damn hard for people not to share in it.
Our whole team have been amazing. Katy Lipson is a gem and shared in our heartbreak. If anyone can make our little show happen again, it's her.

I am heartbroken for the entertainment industry, but, we can all take solace in the fact that we are all going through it together. No one is better off than anyone else at this time. Obviously us freelance self employed lot who decided that Acting was the best way to earn a living, are suffering right now. We will all bounce back, even if it means, like me, having a good old cry on the phone to mum about the prospect of paying bills with no job. 

All we can do is be kind, stay safe and look out for one another.
Facetime your bessies, cook some good food and binge watch endless netflix series. 
Maybe we all needed the reset button.

Love and Laughter to all!

Em x


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