Think Yellow

I want to tell you about my relationship with the colour yellow.

Overwhelmed with life at the moment?

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed at the moment?
My brain at the moment is going through so many different thoughts and emotions. "I'm so lucky to be doing some performing work." "Global Pandemic." "Why am I feeling so overwhelmed from being busy?" "Why does watching the news feel like I'm walking over hot coals?"

So what happens now?

So what happens now? So what happens now?
Where am I going to?
Don't ask anymore!

Racism: Don't be silent, be an ally!

Black Lives Matter Car Trucker Digital Art by Matthew Kohler
Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

My forever battle with sleep!

I haven't written anything in nearly 5 weeks. I guess I lost sight of why I started this blog. Someone recently asked me if I write for me or for others to see it. When I started this blog it was absolutely for me, the fact that people actually read some of my pieces and shared them was a complete bonus. It helped me process my thoughts. So here I am writing again. 


Are you going mad yet? Because I am!

Ok, so here is my lockdown lowdown!
I am craving things I never thought I would crave.
I am not a tactile person, yet I want to hug EVERYONE.
I am not really a party girl, but I want to go to a bar, dance NEAR people and even have a cheeky drink.
I want to walk my dog and not have to move to the other side of the pavement when someone walks past in order to keep social distancing. 
I even put make up on today just to feel alive!
Not just a lash, a full face!

My Journey Into Theatre and why I LOVE it!

Last night Sunday 5th April should have been Olivier night. A celebration of Theatre and the theatrical community. Sadly due to COVID19, the ceremony has been postponed. Just because our theatres aren't open right now, doesn't mean we can't celebrate our incredible industry. I miss theatre, as an actress, but more importantly as an audience member and fan. So I wanted to write about my journey into this wonderful, crazy world.

Has lockdown made us more sociable?

In the days before Coronavirus, social media was making me anxious, but having it was necessary for work.
Now, having it for work seems completely pointless as there is no work to be had, but now social media feels like a necessity in order to keep in touch with the world.
Whether it's Facetime, Whatsapp, Instagram or new apps like Zoom and House Party, 
Is social media under lockdown helping us to remain social? (The irony)
(House party you can play games!!)


Strong people don't put others down. They lift them up.

This weekend has really got me thinking about the way we treat each others.
When I was doing my psychology A level, many moons ago, I learnt about a term called:

"Deindividuation" - A concept in social psychology that is generally thought of as the loss of self-awareness in groups. This is when a person doesn’t feel accountable as they are a part of a group Therefore they cannot be blamed for something as they feel there are no consequences.


Adulting: A thought...Young at heart with an old soul.

25 years apart, same attitude
I have turned into that person I never thought I would. That person who now gets more excited to go into H&M Home than H&M. That person who gets excited over a discount code for a new hoover. (If anyone has a code for a Dyson, I really need a new one). 
That person who cleans the house...FOR FUN!


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