27th Jan 2008 - A piece for Grandma.

Auschwitz 1 Dec 2007
Today Monday 27th Jan, is Holocaust memorial day.
Today marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.



📷 Lucy Wooley
I once joked that I would write a book about 
“The trials and tribulations of dating a Jewish 20 something." 
Some of my family advised against it, for fear being described as a Jewish Taylor Swift or a less chic Carrie Bradshaw.  
So here we are, I didn’t take their advice. 
A little something to introduce you into my dating world.

Tokyo: From Flu to Fierce

I was so excited to get back to Tokyo after having been there 18 months ago with Evita. There was so much of the city I wanted to revisit and explore. I was last there in July 2018 and Evita in 39 degree heat was certainly interesting. This time it was fresh and crisp and I’ve never seen so many stylish coats in my life. 

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