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I want to tell you about my relationship with the colour yellow.

If you already follow me, you may have seen that I love reflexology. Reflexology is amazing. My Mum recommended I should start going about 4 years ago. I was experiencing a lot of stomach irritation due to stress. I absolutely loathe my feet being touched, so I was apprehensive when I first started going. Once my first appointment started, I was sold. It put me in a complete state of calm not to mention made me feel like I had a complete body re set. I didn't even tell my reflexologist that I was having some stomach trouble, and she could tell from my feet. Every single part of your body is connected to a point in your feet. About 6 months into my reflexology journey, my reflexologist fed back something quite interesting.
She told me my solar plexus felt blocked. Your solar plexus is your emotional centre. Again, if you have read my previous blogs, you know I seem to live off stress and pressure. 
Now, in terms of chakras, the colour of your solar plexus is yellow. I had been experiencing quite a lot of anxiety and stress at this time, due to a number of reasons. I was advised to introduce yellow into my life, be it a pair of socks or a simple yellow ribbon on my bag. Seeing the colour yellow induces a chemical reaction in your brain to feel joy and happiness. 
We all love the sun don't we?
7 Chakras and Body Health. Illness is bred in the body not only as… | by  Amanda Filipowicz | Medium
"The Solar Plexus chakra is the third of the seven chakras. It is located in the abdominal region, above your navel and up to the breastbone. This chakra controls your metabolism and digestion. Another name for this chakra is the personal power chakra because it helps you tap into your powerful side, fills you with energy, controls your self-esteem and confidence. The Sanskrit word for the Solar Plexus is Manipura, which means “lustrous gem.”

When the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, your may feel insecure and out of touch with the wonderful beauty and fire within you."


Wear yellow and eat yellow foods

Maggie Haseman 

I started taking on #ThinkYellow as my new mantra to try and maintain a life of positive thinking. I share this with my best friend Jessamy and together we really do try and live by it. 
Don't get me wrong, I do find it hard sometimes, this year especially, it really hasn't been easy.
This week I have been so incredibly lucky to be performing at the INCREDIBLE Minack Theatre in Cornwall doing The Last 5 Years.

When I saw our incredible set for the first time, I just knew it was meant to be. I was meant to be here at this time. An ENTIRE yellow set. Even the house plant is painted yellow! For me it felt like a little glimmer of hope after what has been a rather difficult year. 

I know I am one of the lucky ones, and so many of my friends are still very nervous about the future. Where is my next job? When will theatres have life again? When can I celebrate good things with all of my friends and family?

If this week has taught me anything, it has been to take a step back. We all secretly love the hustle of being a performer, but that doesn't mean it isn't exhausting. Take a minute to breathe in the fresh air and TRY and live for the now and honestly, think yellow.
I am a real culprit for always thinking about what's next. I think, in "real life" would I have said "yes" to performing at The Minack, I don't know, but I will be forever glad I did. This week has been food for the soul.

Set Design - Andrew Exeter

I have absolutely no idea what is next. I know next week I will be back to teaching singing, I know it helps me stay afloat and therefore I am lucky. 
I thought this was going to be a blog about how wonderful this week has been working on The Last 5 Years, but actually it's turned into realising the signs of hope. 
And this week has been amazing working on The Last 5 Years.
Thank you Omar F Okai for trusting me, Leo Munby MD extraordinaire, Rebecca Wicking my fellow Tiffany loving JP (Only I can call her that) and my friend Waylon Jacobs.

Think Yellow everyone! I promise it works.

Thank you Frankie x


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