My week with Ms Rona

My Week With Ms Rona.
London has felt like a ticking time bomb over the past few weeks.
Over the past 2 years I have done everything in my power to stay healthy. Home workouts during lockdown, walking more, eating more healthy(ish).
I was vaccinated against Covid-19 and had my booster a few weeks ago.
I thought I had well and truly dodged the evil virus.
Honestly, part of me felt invincible, like a super hero. I heard about people getting Covid and everyday that I tested negative, I thought, well some of us are clearly just immune.

Let's talk about testing everyday. 
Obviously one wants to be negative, but the other part of you just wants it to be positive because the anxiety of waiting for it to be negative is like going to a commercial break when waiting to find out if you had the correct answer on The Chase or had you been caught and are now out of the game.

I've been lucky enough to be performing in Heathers The Musical at The Other Palace in London.
We had a few company members test positive around the beginning of our run, but the show stayed open and we were able to cover it. Our cast and crew had done an incredible job of keeping the show running.
Up until Christmas, we kept hearing of so many West End closures and we were gobsmacked how we were all still healthy and able to stay open. We felt so grateful and lucky to still be working, even if it did feel like you were Indiana Jones running away from that boulder.
Everyone wants to be in THAT company that stays open, the one that defies all odds. It just wasn't going to be us this time.

We had 2 shows on Christmas Eve as a full company and then we all went our separate ways for Christmas. I went back to my flat, had a bath and an early night. I don't really celebrate Christmas and my family are away, so I really was enjoying some relaxing solo time.
Christmas Day I did see some of my family in the afternoon, but I tested in the morning as well as going for a PCR as did all of my family and we were negative on our Lateral Flow Tests, so we all felt safe meeting up.
This is what Xmas day looked like.

I had a bit of a scratchy throat on Christmas evening once I was back home alone and I thought I'd better do another test...negative. So I went to bed, ready for a show on Boxing day.

Then this happened...
Sunday 26th December
10am - Negative
A few of our company test Positive.
2pm leave for work
3.15pm told to go home as the show was cancelled
4pm start feeling a little achey, but hey what's new there.
7pm - Negative.

At this point I'm thinking, my body aches like hell but it could just be the aftermath of a lot of double shows. Headed to bed early and then at 1.30am it hit me.
I couldn't sleep, I was in pain, I felt sick and I was burning up so I did another test and there were those 2 little lines.

I was still waiting on a PCR result from Xmas Day.
I was Negative on Xmas Day. This now didn't make any sense, so I went for another PCR test.

27th December PCR - Positive.
LFT - Negative

And since then I have tested negative on LFT.

All we have the power to do to keep those around us safe, is to keep testing. My advice would be, if you suspect that you might have it, get a PCR.

It's been a wild ride and a complete rollercoaster.
The reality is, I'm not sick enough to be off work, but I am doing the right thing by isolating.
This is the most time off sick I've ever had on a job, and I'm only at the end of day 3. I'm not a very patient patient. I like to think of myself as a bit of a working machine, but sometimes, you have to give in.
I'm pretty sure my booster and previous jabs have made this experience the most comfortable it could have been. My symptoms lasted less than 24 hours.
Don't get me wrong, when I woke up at 1.30am on Boxing Day, the aches and sweats were intense, but a few paracetamol and sleep later, I was absolutely fine.

This isn't me shoving the "Get ya jab" narrative down your throat, I'm just telling you my experience and from talking to others who had Covid prior to being vaccinated, I count myself lucky that I have barely been unwell.

Through a big delivery of Chicken Soup (Thanks to my Aunty) and being forced to stay in, I'm probably getting the rest I needed.
However, I am now bored and just want to be back at work.
Being ill and needing to stay home feels very different to being told to stay home because you have to. The child in me just wants to do exactly the opposite of what I have been told to do. But alas, I shall sit tight and ride the wave.

Ms Rona, hopefully I never see you again, don't call me, don't text me, don't send me flowers on opening nights. It's not me, it's definitely you. Me and you (hopefully on Jan 2nd) are through! 

I hope it will be the easiest break up I've ever had!

Hoping to be back at Heathers on Wednesday 5th Jan!

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