525600 minutes: How do you measure a year?

525600 Minutes, How do you measure a year?
(That is really confusing to write out as a number)
2019, you've been a funny one.

This year has probably been the most random year of my life, let alone career. It's been full of very cool jobs, some not so cool jobs, some great holidays, some not so great down days.

I think with every year that goes by, we asses our lives and where we're at.
Should we have achieved more by now? 
I really do wish we could see ourselves through the eyes of others. I have had so many wonderful people this year say to me, "Oh My God, you are killing it this year!" In my head, I'm thinking, I'm temping tomorrow and I was teaching yesterday, the hustle is real, what are they seeing that I'm not feeling? 
(To show how terrible I am at spelling, I tried to spell hustle - hussell, I couldn't continue writing without including that).

Eat, sleep, temp, teach, gig, repeat.

So, 2019, I have done some absolutely epic things this year. 
I sang at The Royal Albert Hall, The Eventim Apollo (who knew that the name had changed from Hammersmith Apollo?) workshopped a brand new musical at the National, and performed with wonderful orchestras, such as LMTO.

I recorded some vocals for a huge West End show (Dear Evan Hansen) with an Oscar and Tony winning composer.  
And I sang "Piece of Sky" on SIRIUS XM with Seth Rudetsky in New York. 
A debut of sorts you could say.
This year for me has been less about work and more about self growth. When you get a bit of a knock in confidence it's very difficult to pull yourself out of that rut. We see everyone's highlight reels on social media, but we have to remember, that is all we see. (To a point, I think social media should be for highlights. If anything I hope in 2020 we see less negativity and shouting on social media, the latter part of this year has been exhausting. 
I have learnt that the Mute, Unfollow, Block buttons are my friends!)
I will give a shout out to my agents, who full on made me tear up yesterday when they said they were proud of me this year! That is the epitome of a supportive team!

My real 2019 highlights include, The Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium with my best girl Jessamy, and more importantly BARBRA STREISAND in concert at Hyde Park! (Literally the best day of my life! I was so close I could see her blink).

I went to places I have never been to before. City breaks such as Rome and Budapest, and catching some winter sun in Marrakesh.
I sang at PRIDE! And Billy Porter snapped and screamed for me when I sang "This Is Me!' THRILLED!

I played the Dummy Fairy and actually convinced a 3 year old to give me her Dummies! It's probably my proudest moment of 2019!

My Highlights of 2019 aren't really the work related things. (Don't get me wrong, being in a studio with Alex Lacamoire was pretty freaking cool). But, this year, I started working with an Acting coach, I started screen classes and after a long injury, (caused by a dance audition...one day I'll tell that story, it's still a bit fresh), I started reformer pilates, Which I LOVE! Zero Gravity, look them up, they're amazing. 
Now that may all sound like work, but I started these things as a step towards being a more confident me. I invested in myself, my bank balance hates me for it, but it's been far more worth it than my usual spa day escape. Don't get me wrong, I love a spa day more than anyone, it's a chance to recharge, but this time I needed to reset and rebuild. Especially in the latter part of this year, I chose to nurture myself in a different way. Rather than switching off, I switched myself back on.

I was able to hang out with my friends on a Saturday night, have family Friday night dinners (my god, there have been a lot, including one tonight for my brothers birthday) and attend friends weddings without having to worry if I will get a days holiday from work.
It really is the little things that make a sporadic work year worth it.

I also started writing this blog! This blog has given me such an incredible outlet.
Thanks to all who have clicked onto this website and read some of my pieces.  
I can write my thoughts down instead of boring my friends and family on numerous whatsapp groups. This way they have the choice whether to click on my blog or not. 
(They all read it though, even my brother).
How do you get your 3 year old to give up their dummies? Call me!
Writing has enhanced my creativity and even inspired some other ideas. A few works in progress for now, but watch this space!

This may have been the first year in 7 years that I haven’t done an 8 show week, but I’m working on not defining myself by my work. It's always a tricky balance when you LOVE what you do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still obsessed with legacy and what I’ll be remembered for, but I think 2020 is going to be that year. It’s ok to take a step back and structure a new game plan. A Netflix or Amazon Prime series perhaps? Mrs Maisel Season 4? I will NEVER stop putting that dream out there! (Seriously though, Mrs Maisel goes on an international tour and stays with her Jewish cousin in London, story line DONE!)

I'm going into 2020 stronger, healthier and more determined than ever!
Signing off for 2019 as I'm heading on holiday.
I'll see the new year with friends in London and then start 2020 with a bang...
A casual trip to Japan.
New year, New decade, Same me.
Think Yellow bitches!


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