My Love Letter to Disney's Frozen.

It's no secret that I love Disney. You really are never too old to experience the magic.

My first time at Disney World in Florida was 3 years ago and my entire family skipped into the park on our first day. To date, it's our favourite family holiday, we even had a motto,
 "No one is allowed to be tired on this holiday." 
It was Disney, we were all buzzing to wake up at 7am everyday! Who doesn't want to see Micky and Minnie walk in the Parade?

This weekend I went to see Frozen 2.
Now, I always get a bit nervy about Iconic Disney film sequels. Little Mermaid 2, Mulan 2, Lion King 2, these films usually went straight to VHS release, never quite made it to the cinema and years later, they occasionally get shown on Sky Disney Movies at 3pm on a weekday. The only one I have properly seen is Pocahontas 2, and even then, the only thing I remember about it is Pocahontas wears a fancy English dress, it clearly didn't make that much of an impression, and I love ALL Disney.

It is so hard for sequels to live up to the original films. Frozen was iconic when it came out 6 years ago. "Let It Go" is still one of the most popular songs, I should know, I'm constantly singing it at concerts, especially at this time of year. (It did win an Oscar).
It's a Disney film about sisterhood and the power of being a team. It's a Disney film that doesn't end in a marriage after a love at first sight moment, then, ahhh the baddy comes,  the Prince saves the Princess, wedding bells and they all lived happily ever after.
The Queen just lets go and embraces the magic. (Yup, cheesy, but true).

Sometimes I wish my life were a fairy tale. It would make things so much easier. 
Get to live in a castle, wear a bunch of different sparkly dresses and live my life with a constant underscore, you know, a real life Enchanted.
Yes, I am in my underwear. No this is NOT Frozen. This is a photo shoot I was doing for EVITA and I couldn't help myself but reimagine the character 😉 (2017)
Ok, back to Frozen. Frozen 2 is BRILLIANT!
What I love about this film is, the blend of cultures, showing there is always two sides to every story and there really is no 'I' in team.
It's also a story of Legacy. Recently I have become fascinated (some may call it obsessed) with my family history. I never really got to ask all the questions I would have liked to ask my paternal Grandparents. I'm trying to make up for that with my other Grandparents and gather as much information as I can so that maybe one day I can re tell their story.
Click here to read my previous blog "No, but where are you from, from?
In Frozen 2, there is a real exploration for answers. A final understanding of ones identity. Accepting where you come from, why you are the way you are and being happy with that.
(You must have caught on by now that heritage and identity really excites me).

One other point, the score is BANGING! Just when you think 'Let It Go' can't be topped, Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez write 'Monster' for the Broadway show of Frozen. THEN they write a whole new list of anthemic, relatable and excellent songs for Frozen 2!
Is there anything they can't do?

I also fell back in love with Idina Menzel. The vocals and songs in this film made me remember when I saw her in Wicked in London back in 2006. I was sat in row F and I can't even fully explain how "Defying Gravity" made me feel. In the new film, "Into The Unknown" gave me goosebumps, the song hit me right in my centre and just made me smile. Music is such a powerful form of inspiration. Good music literally takes over my body. It's moments of inspiration like that where I think, 
"This is why I do what I do. I could never see myself doing anything else."

This was more a love letter to Disney and Frozen than a blog, but I hope you enjoyed reading.
Here is a spoiler of one of the songs so if you are waiting to listen to Idina Menzel, maybe check back into this blog after you've seen the film.
"Into The Unknown"
That's pretty much how I feel about 2020!


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